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Orthodox Jewish Community in Staten Island

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About Us

The Jewish Orthodox Community of Staten Island is warm, diverse and welcoming. We feature generously sized single family and two family homes, as well as in-home-apartments. Our charming, suburban community has all the conveniences you could ask for.

Staten Island residents benefit from:

  • Lower tax rates
  • E-Z pass discounts
  • Eruv approved by all Rabbanim

  • Significant financial incentives* offered by all local schools, shuls and stores.
  • Rigorous schooling that produces students who are sought out by high schools and colleges
  • JCC discount

*New residents to the Willowbrook Community only.



Community Services

Local Stores & Restaurants

Dairy Palace

Dairy Palace is the best Kosher, pizza, vegetarian and sushi restaurant in the tri-state area. Dairy Palace offers a traditional dining experience as well as a sushi bar, frozen travel meals, and catering services. All meals are under the hashgocha of the VAAD of Staten Island and the Tarnipol Kashrus.  

Jewish Community Center of Staten Island

The JCC of Staten Island is dedicated to encouraging harmony throughout the community through facilities and programs open to all. Since 1929, the JCC of Staten Island has been a home for the Jewish community for social, recreational and educational activities. The JCC also features a Kosher restaurant and catering facility. 

Holy Schnitzel

Holy Schnitzel is the #1 Kosher restaurant offering food that tastes delicious in a fast casual environment. They offer more than fantastic schnitzels, burgers and other Kosher foods, but also an environment that is welcoming and enjoyable. 

PayLess Meats

PayLess Meats is the premier Glatt Kosher butcher and take-out grocery store of Staten Island.  

Taster’s Market

Taster’s Market is Staten Island’s preferred market offering a broad range of grocery products, Shabbos take-out, housewares and health and beauty products.  

Island Café

Island Café has a wide variety of Israeli and Mediterranean-inspired Kosher dishes, in addition to traditional café favorites, sushi, and vegan ice cream.


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